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Contractual Deeds and Obligations

Neither the word choice or wise is meant to imply a previous condition as it pertains to neither your state of mind, nor the state of hereforto legal forbearers or ancestors should they be retained for questioning. Furthermore, by entering rattarart you hereby agree to everything ever transcribed legally in this and other legal documents, whether filed or notarized or morally correct. You can never sue us.

It is hereby stipulated that all persons entering rattarart will laugh at the appropriate humor, never lie to your friends and pay twice or more of the said retail for any rattarart creation or workshop.

You shall cease and stop all claims pursuant to the double blind existential standards heretoforwithin. Entrance to this web site in no way warrants exclusionary provisos or attempts to tortify or communicate with us by telepathy, antipathy or antipasto. Nor does said understanding apply to questions, answers or guesses generated by amail, bmail-or-not- to-bmail, cmail and dmail. All contact via email is strictly consumed by lonesome moles at the sole discretion of legal counsel (JB Shimer) and should not be construed to be understood, received or ignored. Please allow 6-8 weeks for reply, remittance, reorders or deep regards.

There is always a 40% restocking fee. Any other use reconstitutes fraud and we will tell your mama.

Part VII, Sections 555645A thru JH**Y777:
None of the images formerly stolen and purloined by rattarart cannot be reproduced, retransmitted, retained, refinished or otherwise copied except with the prepayment of big-ass royalties.

Part VI:
Everything contained withinfortohere was done for profit and only profit and has no entertainment value. Please keep this and all plastic bags away from small children. You must vow to purchase before your next birthday. Send a blank check. Legal action will be swift against General Electric and Chrysler should you fail to comply or should it be determined these rules have been mocked.

Sign below in triplicate, print out forty-seven copies and fax one to Brad Pitt. We're not kidding. Seriously, do it. Really.

I will. X________________________________________
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