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It is quite possible - even encouraged - to reserve a day here at rattarart Studios to bring in your own group and learn the secrets of glass fusing. Typically most groups come in and take the Introductory Fusing Workshop. By gathering/coercing at least 5 other people - a minimum of six total needed - you're set to have a very special day.

The basic requirements:
  • 6-person minimum (10 max) to reserve a custom date.
  • Weekday dates easily available, occasional weekends.
  • I almost always have someone waiting to fill up a group in case don't have quite the minimum number needed.
  • You gather the names, phone #s and emails of your gang, checks/cash in the amount of $95 each and send it in.
  • You -- the organizer -- earns a $20 certificate towards a future workshop (assuming minimum # requirements are met).
    Perfect for...
    Badminton Club Reunions
    Employee Thank Yous/Teambuilding
    Birthday Parties
    Employee Hoo-haws
    Just Because
    Simply call us with your ideas
Intro/Opens...a Custom Day/One Possibility
This day was invented by one of my students. She got excited about her glass knowledge and wanted to share a creative glass day with her friends - but not repeat the Intro Fusing Workshop herself. So, she proposed bringing in a group of people (we call them Newbies) who would take the usual Intro day on the main table, and nearby she'd be working in the Open Workshop format. It turned out great - all the gang together, everyone laughing and creating (they brought in quite a spread of food to share and made it a party day!) - we dubbed it an Intro/Open. So, if you've already taken the Intro Glass Fusing Workshop here at rattarart Studios, and now you've decided to share the magic, this might be the way to go.

  • You (the organizer) must have taken the Intro Workshop
  • Talk to the Chief Knucklehead about available dates
  • Gather 6 friends willing to take the Intro Workshop
  • Their fee is the usual $95, your cost is based on how many projects you do and which glass you qualify to use*.
  • You have access to a full shelf (21"x21") worth of space - enough for multiple projects -- and all the molds to choose from to shape your projects.
* Spectrum's System 96 Art Glass is the standard glass used this day. In order to use Bullseye glass you must attend a regularly scheduled Open Workshop prior to your custom Intro/Open.
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