Glass Workshops
Glass Workshops
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Okay, you've learned a lot in the groovy teaching workshops (and had fun in the process, we might add), but now you want to play, put your skills to work - you know, make things! Just one sticking point... you don't have a kiln. Now what? Not a problem - just sign up for one of the Open Workshops here at rattarart Studios.

12"x18" Platter
by Mary Lynn Eiseman

Irid Bowl by Sarah Pynchon

Full Shelf by Sari & John
Perhaps you'd like to make a set of dinner plates, or gifts for that favorite Great Aunt Helga. Maybe you just want to experiment, play and have fun. Well, the Open Workshops are just the ticket. Essentially you "buy" space on the kiln and fit as many projects in your own shelf (21"x21") as possible. Based on what you've learned and how you want the finished pieces to look, we decide on how to fire your shelf. Choose from among all the molds available for slumping. Tools and glass are supplied -- you design, do the cutting and create to your hearts content. We're here to answer questions, offer shortcuts and design tips and generally assure your day goes smoothly. Pricing is based on a number of factors, see some of the details below. Gather with other creative people and share a fun day of music, ideas, energy and creative inspiration - it's a kick!
Prices* for Shelf Space:
(based on standard glass volumes and colors with clear glass bases)
*Subject to Change. Tax added on a percentage of totals.

Bullseye Glass
Full Shelf: $225 (21"x21")

Some Other Details:
Many pre-cut base pieces are available at no charge. The base price for the day includes clear glass (Bullseye 1101 in standard amounts) for your base, shop supplies, a selection of metal scrap, hanging wire, and all tools needed. Standard fusing and the slumping in most molds for your shelf is also included. There can be variables in the day. Certain molds and projects that require special handling /temps/times may incur a minimum $20 extra slumping fee. Slumping fees can vary depending on project complexity and size. Advanced techniques that require color layers and full fritting may incur additional fees.The use of color frits, rods and stringers beyond standard amounts are subject to addtional charge. Please feel free to ask questions!
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