Glass Workshops
Glass Workshops
 •   Advanced Glass Fusing Workshop
Excited about glass fusing? Want to learn more? Continue your education at rattarart Studios with the Advanced Glass Fusing Workshop. The main focus of this day is devoted to a couple of new ways to assemble your glass projects: "Full Fritting", and "Clear Capping". Both of these techniques allow you to create a glass piece with a completely flat, smooth surface. Your imagery is captured "inside"--adding a touch of depth and a hint of mystery. Moving through two different projects we use clear frit in a completely new way from the Intro Workshop, and really push our glass cutting skills into precise and challenging directions. The day also includes valuable discussions about the ins and outs of volume control and firing times and temps...important aspects in determining why your glass projects turn out they way they do. And it is a chance to ask lots of questions and share great energy with other learners.

    • $160
    • 7 hours
    • 2 Projects/Lots Of Information
    • Prerequisite: Intro Workshop
    or previous glass experience
    • Workshop Dates & Times

9" Bowl by Katrina Cooper
Full Fritting

Clear Capping
by students

Bowl by Juanita Phelps

Some of the Topic Covered...
Volume control, Volume Control, Volume Control!
Full Fritting: Piling on the crushed glass
Clear Capping: The puzzle technique
Full fuse firings
Annealing properly: times and temps
Slumping details and firing schedules
Cutting complicated shapes
Mold choices: Pros and cons of different materials
Glass gluing techniques and more...
Dates and Times